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學術報告:Transparent Heater with Nanofibrous Membranes


主題:   Transparent Heater with Nanofibrous Membranes主講人:   Hak Yong Kim 地點:   延安路校區紡織科技創新中心樓217報告廳時間:   2019-04-23 15:00:00組織單位:   紡織科技創新中心

報告人簡介:Hak Yong Kim has been working as a professor at Chonbuk National University since 1998, received his BSc in Textile engineering from Chonbuk National University in 1981. After completing his MSc from Seoul National University in 1983 and PhD degree in textile engineering from the same university in 1993, he was appointed as the professor of Organic materials andfiber engineering at Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea in 1998. Heserved as the Director of Centre for Healthcare Technology Development (2004-2014) and was also involved in Samyang Co. Ltd., Central Research Institute of Textile (1984-1998). He was involved in the editorial board of different journals including Macromolecules Research (2010-2012), Fiber and polymers(2005-present) etc. Prof. Kim was the distinguished visiting professor atvarious universities around the world including University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA (2004), Donghua University, China (2016) and Zhongyuan Universityof Technology, China (2016) and is currently, visiting professor at King SaudUniversity, Saudi Arabia from 2010. He has published hundreds of researcharticles including 463 SCI papers with more than 21,000 citations and achieved 72 h-index and also gotten hundreds of Korea registration patents and about 45 foreign patents included USA.

內容摘要:The highly transparent, conductive, and environment-friendly humanhair-based NFs (nanofibers) was demonstrated using natural resources consisting of keratin, and the high-performance, flexible, transparent heaters based on the Ag NWs(nanowires)/NFs was successfully fabricated. With uniform coating with the conductive Ag NW nanomaterial, the as-prepared Ag NW networks on transparent NFs had a maximum optical transparency of 89% and sheet resistanceof 25 Ohm/square. In addition, the electrical stability of the Ag NWs/NFs after bending maintained almost the same value as that of the device before bending and was stable during repetitive mechanical bending of the Ag NWs/NFs. The temperature response and heat distribution results showed that the performance of Ag NW/NF based heaters is superior to that of conventional ITO-basedtransparent heaters and graphene-based heaters. The results of our study demonstrated that the Ag NWs/NFs possessed superior electrical conductance athigh optical transmittance with superior mechanical, electrical and thermal stabilities and can be used to produce an environment friendly and transparent conductive heater for future wearable electronic applications.

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