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學術報告:Preparation and characterization of high strength activated carbon fiber fabric


主題:   Preparation and characterization of high strength activated carbon fiber fabric主講人:   Jun Youb Lee地點:   延安路校區紡織科技創新中心樓217報告廳時間:   2019-04-23 16:30:00組織單位:   紡織科技創新中心

報告人簡介:Jun Youb Lee, adjunct Professor of Jeonju University, received his B.S.degree in Textile Engineering from Chonbuk National University in 1990. After completing his M.S. degree from Hanji Cultue Industry, Jeonju University in 2009, he received his PhD degree in textile engineering from Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea in 2017. He was awarded by different awards, including Chonbuk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Excellent Small-Medium Enterprise One-Stop Technical Support Company and Korean Paper Product Developments and Certification of Distribution ISO in 2008. He has visited many countries including USA, Japan, and Sweden as an exhibition participant. Afterwards, he achieved more experiences in different industrial area in different capabilities (Selection of Businessman to Jeonbuk Hanstyle Development of Strategic Base and Functional Textile Marketing Development). At present, hehas been involved as the organizing committee of Jeonju Hanji Festival,Operation Committee Member of Chonbuk Council for Science and Technology Information, and an executive director of Chonbuk national university alumni association. He has also been working in SMBA, Clark in Charge of Local Specialization carbon Cotton Yarn, Integrator of Local Specialization Carbon Bag.

內容摘要:The adsorption property of ACs originates from numerous pores, and theprocess of forming pores is called ‘activation’. The activation processes arelargely divided into physical activation and chemical activation. The physicalactivation is to form pores in the carbon material using activation gases such aswater vapor, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. The chemical activation is a method offorming pores by treating chemical activation agent such as potassium hydroxide(KOH), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), zinc chloride (ZnCl), and phosphoric acid (H3PO4).ACs are classified into powdered activated carbon (PAC), granular activatedcarbon (GAC), and fibrous activated carbon (FAC) depending on its form. The FACis generally referred to as activated carbon fiber (ACF). The ACF is a fiber type activated carbon with micro-pores of 1~2 mm diameter and is applied to various fields such as filters and energy storage devices. In addition, it is excellent in selective adsorption due to the uniform pore distribution and is easy to control the pore size. The manufacturing process of ACF combining the structures of carbon fibers and AC is very similar to that of carbon fibers except for the activation as the final step.

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